Partner with Us


Your contribution will support the Vital Churches Institute as we offer support to congregations that seek to grow in vitality and the fruitfulness of their ministry.

The Vital Churches Institute is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. The donations of individuals, congregations, and others are greatly appreciated because they enable us to sustain and advance many initiatives of congregational transformation. We also covet your prayers and acts of encouragement as we strive to follow God's leading for each congregation and opportunity our Lord puts before us.

To donate by check you may send your gift to:

            The Vital Churches Institute
            2605 Barnside Ct.
            Herndon, VA 20151

If you have any questions about partnering with The Vital Churches Institute and would like to speak with us, contact Stan Ott at 703- 598-9536.

Thank you so much for your heart for the church and for your generosity!
E. Stanley Ott, President and Founder