Vital Churches Institute provides the following electronic letters in the hope of enriching your personal life with regularly delivered devotionals.

Building One Another by E. Stanley Ott


Building One Another is a weekly letter of encouragement I write to encourage your heart in Christian discipleship as well as your ministry in the service of Jesus Christ. The letters are short. Read each as you receive them. These letters are each one page long when printed. Create a folder in your e-mail to easily save and use them for future reference. Forward to friends, as appropriate. Reread for personal encouragement, use for brainstorming, or for handouts for small groups and Bible study classes.

Why “Enjoy Life, Enjoy God?” by Dale Patterson


Life is meant to be enjoyed. God declared it good. Yet we know that the wholesome earthiness of life is best savored by a robust faith in God through Jesus Christ. Healthy followers of Christ are learning to do both well: enjoy life, and to enjoy God…they are not in opposition, but inseparably connected.

“Enjoy Life, Enjoy God” is a concise word of encouragement drawing upon biblical insights. Encouragement, at its root meaning, involves not only a pep talk, or pat on the back, but sometimes a candid voice of exhortation. But it’s all cloaked in the grace of God. ELEG is a daily word to be read in less than a minute, but may uplift you for the day.

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" (Philippians 4:4)

Take the Adventure 


“Take the Adventure” is the e-journal of the Vital Churches Institute dedicated to the encouragement of Christians, congregations and denominational governing areas.