Helpful Links

VCI provides helpful resources. Links are organized by the following categories:

  • Assessment and Demographics
  • Congregational Vitality
  • Evangelism
  • Missional and Emergent Church
  • New Church Development

Assessment and Demographics – Offers tools for understanding congregational dynamics – Geographic and demographic studies – Statistics and materials on transformation

Congregational Vitality  – Transformational and Missional Links (Presbyterian) – Lewis Center for Church Leadership, Methodist – Addresses church growth issues, congregational vitality, digital magazine – Start-up information, training and sustaining tools, etc. – Bible study series for preaching, small group study (mention VCI referral for a discount). – Congregational vitality assessment instruments

Evangelism – Martha Grace Reese – Evangelism tools for the mainline church – Witness and evangelism training and coaching – Andrew Weeks practical evangelism

Missional and Emergent Church  – Relating the Gospel to Our Culture Network – the missional church – Mission-Shaped Church pdf file – Missional church information – Emergent and missional church information – Blog on contemporary church and society

New Church Development – Jim Dougans and team: new church development – Bob Logan coaching and new church development – Omega Strategy Group